Paul has been front man for this Doowoop band  since 1998 and is currently under contract to Doopop records and JDMS publishing. Their first album, ‘Two Heads’ was released in 1999 and the second,  ‘Who Knows, Who Cares?’ in July 2008. A Christmas single; a remix of, ‘You Show me Yours’ from the album, was made into an animation for Christmas 2016.

The Senti-Mentals are currently recording their third album for Doopop Records, for release in 2020!!

Meanwhile, Paul can be found popping up in various pubs and festivals, during summer 2019, performing a selection of songs from all three albums, on his own!

Lead Vocals Paul Eccentric. Band line up to be announced.



‘Last up were The Senti-Mentals, featuring what can only be described as a ‘show-off’ between Paul Eccentric and Den Hegarty, all wrapped up in some truly lush harmonies that were frankly terrifying in their accuracy and precision. Den is a consummate showman, but Paul challenged him for the crown last night. I was so glad I stayed to see them. My favourite was ‘Two Heads’.’
~Helen McCookerybook reviewing the ‘You Show Me Yours’ single launch at The Camden Eye, December 2012.

‘As an audience member, one of the things you dread most is turning around to find Paul; in a velvet jacket, PVC trousers and spiky hair, standing right behind you, singing into your ear.’ ~Blair Palmer for Swingland, June 2003.

‘Great swinging doowop with the drive of the moderne! Four Aces meets Shakin’ Stevens meets Alternative. The absolute secret tip on the crown of Doopops.’~A translation of an extract from a review in ‘Les Mordus Du Swing’ (France), February 2002

‘An effusive blend of sheer entertainment combined with superb musicianship and vocal gymnastics make this nine piece band one not to be missed.’ ~Mojo Boogie at The 100 Club, London, January 2000.

‘Loud suits, lavish choreography plus an outrageous lead singer who brings a completely fresh feel to the rockin’ doowop sound’ ~Robert Austin, ZootSuitRiot, London, February 1999.


The Senti-Mentals were formed in 1998 when producer, songwriter and musician John Dobinson (The Metrotones) decided that the world of doowop, jive and rock’n roll music needed a bit of a shake-up. For too long, the bands that had inhabited this retro genre had been playing it safe, giving their audiences exactly what was expected of them. It was John’s plan to rattle the cage a little; to mix the various sub-genres and create an act that might cross over from the rock’n roll circuit into to the mainstream, as The Darts had successfully managed in the 1970s and The Stray Cats had achieved in the 1980s.
And so The Senti-Mentals were born, recruiting members from The Metrotones; The Room Mates; The Stargazers and other genre bands. The wild card was the introduction of singer/songwriter Paul Eccentric, whom John had seen in the mid eighties fronting The Odd Eccentric. Paul was both a Darts and a Stray Cats fan and was a regular attendee at Metrotones outings, but had previously only ever written and performed his own post-punk stylings. He was reticent at first; unsure how musicians of a different discipline might take to his ideas, but was at the same time keen to be doing something that he hadn’t done before. The Senti-Mentals introduced him to a radically new way of working, for which he will forever be in John’s debt.
The band gigged extensively throughout the United Kingdom; before, during and after recording their debut album for Doopop Records; their lineup (mostly) consisting of Paul on vocals and John on sax with Jon Pannaman: 2nd tenor; Steve Webb: 1st tenor; Colin Salway: bass vox and trumpet; Anders Janes: bass; Steve Rushden: drums; Paul Hopley: keyboards and Ben Smith: guitars.
They released a single ‘Two Heads/Mad Bob’ in 1999 along with a 10″ vinyl ‘Funtastico’.
In 2000, the band recorded live sessions for Paul Jones’ BBC Radio 2 blues show and for the BBC’s 3 Counties Radio show.
Work on the second album began in 2002 and it’s impending release was preceded by an eight date mini tour of the UK. Bassist Steve Jones replaced Anders for this and drummer Matt Cowley replaced Steve Rushden. But the album ran into difficulties and missed its intended release date and sadly the band disbanded before the release of what was eventually to become ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’.
In 2008 the album finally did hit the shelves with Paul, John, Jon and Steve; now joined by The Darts Den Hegarty on bass vocals, stepping out for a series of acapella promotional gigs. In 2011, a new single was released, a reworking of the new album’s ‘You Show Me Yours’. The singers recorded a video for this and did a one off promo in Camden, London in the December.
In December 2013, Paul again appeared in Camden performing Senti-Mentals songs, but this time as a guest of long term Senti-Mentals fans The Inteli-Gents who backed Paul with a short ‘best of’ set. Officially The Senti-Mentals still exist and rumours abound as to where, when and how they will return…
The Senti-Mentals ‘Two Heads’ album, released on Doopop Records (UK); Wolverine/Frankie Boy Records (GERMANY); Hepcat Records (USA).
Reviewed by ‘The Webmaster’, September 2000:
‘This CD is a great compilation of jump, jive and doowop tunes. These British boys will give you a hell of a party time of music! The nine piece rockin’ doowop group from England mixes doowop with swing, blues and rock’n’roll in their own unique way. Great vocal harmony with excellent instrumental background. If you like R&B, Jive and doowop produced with today’s possibilities, {then} this disc is a must buy for you!
A ‘stinging rocker’ that has great hit potential!
The Senti-Mentals at Leigh Ex-Serviceman’s club, Manchester, 1st of November 2003  (The second night of the ‘You Show Me Yours’ Tour)

Extract of a review by Mike Cookson for Planet Jive News:
‘They were fantastic and the audience thought so too. Their harmony, their sound and their music were second to none! They continued to fill the dancefloor with such greats as ‘Get Over You’ and ‘Powder Blue’ {going} from strength to strength; again and again the audience cheered their approval. Paul Eccentric’s vocals were superb and the crowd never let him forget it. They left {the stage} on a very high note indeed!
The Senti-Mentals ‘Two Heads’ reviewed in Germany’s OX Magazine, 1999. (translated by Big Del) ~
‘Not only does the lead singer have a first class voice, but the polished backing singers also get the heart beating faster. Their sound reminds me of the classic vocal groups of the fifties, which is unambiguously a compliment! Furthermore, one or other of the musicians clearly has a heart for rockabilly, which for me is the decisive icing on the cake. With this debut The Senti-Mentals have manoeuvred themselves into the premier league. On top of that, my girlfriend finds this great music for fucking to. *****