paul backstage  odd eccentric
‘In the small harbour town of Fredericia in Northern Denmark, just outside the Frederick VII club, there is a Sunset Boulevard-style paving slab engraved with the words ‘THE ODD ECCENTRIC’. To most who tramp over the stone it won’t mean a thing, but there are still some who will remember that name…’ {extract from The Watford Observer, August 2002}
‘London’s mest efferspurgte band. Anarkistiske specielle magi musik.’ ~’Vejle Posten’ (Denmark) June 1991

‘An excellent English band that is going somewhere’ ~Thomas Christiansen, ‘Fredericia Weekend’ (Denmark) February 1991

‘I am convinced that The Odd Eccentric could play in a graveyard and have more people leave at the end than came in at the beginning.’ ~Jeremy Austin, The Watford Observer, 1990.

The Odds playing Rickmansworth Festival 2016
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The Odd Eccentric was Paul’s main artistic outlet throughout the 1980s. He took his lyrics, melodies and hooklines to Ali who co-ordinated the  musical arrangements with whichever musicians were on board at the time. Ali also wrote a handful of songs for The Odds live set, though none of these were recorded. The band played extensively in England and Scandinavia, where they had developed a following after the release of the double A-side single ‘Two Heads/The Sorry People’ in 1987.
Video footage of the band taken from various eras is available to view on Youtube and the album ‘Odds’n Sods’: a collection of their 80s recordings; remastered for the digital age and re released on Doopop Records in 2006, is still available on CD.
The band reformed briefly to promote the album in 2006 and had intended to continue, but guitarist Ali Ramage sadly died before plans could be finalised.
However, a new lineup was formed around Paul and long term drummer Mark which continued to perform in and around London from 2007, with new songs being written with the intention of new recordings and an eventual new release.


I Could Be Odd For You, Baby / The Willing AccompliceCassette 1985
So Damned PeculiarEP (Summertime) 1986
Till The End Of Aspiring / Odd For You, BabyVHS (MiTYE) 1987
The Sorry People / Two Heads 7″ single (TOE) 1988
Pretty MomentsLP cassette (TOE) 1989
Magic, Mirth & MayhemVHS (TOE) 1989
Odds & Sods: The Best of The Odd Eccentric CD (TOE) 2005



Musically sophisticated and visually crazed: ‘The Odd Eccentric who combine zany humour with innovative talent, having one foot planted firmly either side of the borderline between genius and madness’ ~Chris Richmond, The Review 1988.

‘Pure enjoyment from beginning to end, it was one of the most memorable gigs I have ever been to.’ ~Richard Arquati, The Watford Observer, February 1989.

‘A member of The Odd Eccentric in the dock at Watford Magistrates Court was keen to point out a few dates whilst his fate was being decided. Adrian Cawley (Dr Chod) 22, saw his opportunity when magistrates adjourned to consider their verdict. He told members of the press in court one that his group would be launching their new single (The End Of Aspiring) at Cheers Wine Bar in Amersham and gave full details. He is hoping the record sales will pay off his fines.’ ~from The Watford Observer, April 1989

Member History

Main lineup:
Paul Eccentric: voice 84-91, 06-
Ali Ramage: guitar 86-91, 06
Mark Gordon: drums 87-89, 06-
Pete Rowe: bass 86-89, 06
Tom Dussek: keyboards 86-91, 06
Gaby Montanaro: b.vox 87-91

Main lineup
Paul Eccentric: voice
Mark Gordon: drums
Ian Newman: bass 07-
Beef Grant: keyboards 07-
Steve Joy: trumpet  07-
Louisa Crescenti: sax 07-
Ray Fox: guitar 12-
Jen Good: b.vox 10-

(There have been a number of other members over the years, but these were the longest serving)

Dr Eric Chod: magic 86-89
Popeye: bass 90-91
Sharon Doherty: vocals 85-86
James Gower: drums 86-87
Dita Duwop: b.vox 87-89
Dean McCormick: drums 90
Slinky Beth: b. vox 89-90
Mags: drums 91
Sara Hawkins: b.vox 90
Kev Francis: guitar 85-86
Guy Wilson: bass 85-86
Mick Warren: drums 85-86
Steve McArdle: keys 85-86
Simon Hart: vocals 84
Dave Hart: bass 84
Steve Gilbert: sax 84
Andy Horewood: guitar 84
Damon Everett: guitar 84
Jules Fuller: bass 86
Simon Zane: guitar 86
Spike Webb: drums 86
Dave Preston: reserve 86-91
Dave ?: drums 91
Dave Reynolds: guitar 08-10
Doc Wardour: guitar 07
Phylis Ramage: bv 06-07
Ali Curry: bv 06-08
Lucy Hall: bv 09-13
Chris Smith: trombone 09
Kim Smith: sax 10
Derek Walker: sax 10
Jane : b.vox 91