A wry blend of anarchocynisism and comic observation.

The Antipoet, Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman, are together the world’s finest exponents of beatrantin’ rhythm ‘n views!
Having become rather successful over the past ten years, they have tirelessly toured the poetry, comedy and music circuits, and have appeared at countless festivals including, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Rebellion, Brighton, Ledbury, Camden, Wenlock, Lakefest, Larmer Tree, Nostock, Rec Rock Festival, Worcester Music Festival, Umbrella Fair, Blyth Power Ashes and Buxton. They have also performed at magazine launches, Christmas light switch-ons, street parties, several libraries and schools, a shop window, a couple of farms, the back of a lorry, on various boats, in the minstrel gallery of the Liverpool Town Hall and at Silverstone for the Grand Prix.


Releases thus far…

Tights not Stockings 2011
Hanging With Poets 2012
Random Words in a Random Order 2013 [Listen and Download here]
Ere’s One for The Kiddies 2014 [Listen and Download here]
The Bards of Bugger All! 2016  [Listen and Download here

We Play For Food 2017
Does My Bass Look Big In This? 2018 Book and live DVD
Punk Unkle  2019


‘The mighty Antipoet ……..intermittently child-friendly’. 

-Cliff Moore, Bournmouth Echo 22nd July 2019

Another review for The Antipoet, you say?  Well someone has to do it until they get more of the recognition they deserve. Proper word Magic!

David Quayle, Lillabullero 22nd July 2019

‘The Antipoet are the best steampunk poets of their generation. Miss them at your peril! I’ve seen the likes of Atilla The Stockbroker and John Cooper Clarke a few times, but The Antipoet, to me, are streets ahead of both. Their unique blend of insights into all manner of things, from politics (to) babies; festivals; gigging and everything in between, are as true as they are hilarious.’
– Geek Girl  2018

‘The jewel in Larmer’s crown, The Antipoet, this festival’s heroes the beatrapping duo. It’s unexpectedly delightful things like this that make Larmer Tree what it is.’
– Bournemouth Echo July 2016

‘We want Antipoet next year, otherwise I’m sure there’ll be a riot from the audience.’
– Anna Harriot, Arts Programmer Larmer Tree Festival July 2016

“I love these guys – funny, ranty, anarchic, silly and tight as the proverbial gnat’s derrière”
– Scott Tyrrell, Glastonbury Poetry and Words blogger 2015

“Really, really ace! I like what you do”
– Ray Peacock, comedian, FUBAR Radio February 2015

I might not agree with the sentiment, but you said it well”
-The Mayor of Milton Keynes, January 2015

“The Antipoet: Funny-arse Fuckers!”
-Mama Tokus, Apples and Snakes, December 2014

“It was lovely to corrupt the festival with you”
-Helen Gregory, Poetry and Words, Glastonbury June 2014

“The only thing that can prepare you for The Antipoet is having seen them before”
– Wesley Freeman-Smith, Moving Tone, February 2013

“You guys ROCKSTARRED the place… woooo… ENCORE!”
– Huw Dylan Elilis, Nozstock Festival, July 2011

“Sweet as strawberries; sharp as lemon barley water.”
– Jo Bell, Ledbury Festival, July 2011

“Original in material and striking in appearance – the crowd loved them.”
Gary Longden,Variety Night, Bilston, September 2011

“It’s like sharing a dressing room with a rock band. They made me feel like Debbie Harry.”
– Laura Dockrill June 2010

“An act at the forefront of the new movement, with material dripping in parody. They take poetry to a new level, with performances as memorable as they are hilarious”
– The Stage, July 2010

“Enigmatic beat poetry. A dazzling display of poetry, comedy and music. sometimes all in the same moment!”
– Edinburgh Fringe Review, August 2010

“Combining music, poetry and comedy is one of the hardest things to pull off but they do it brilliantly.”
– Paul Lyalls, August 2010

“Great material! Totally professional but completely unpretentious.”
– Jude Simpson, August 2010

“You guys built a vibe. Did it for me big time.”
– David J, August 2010

“Great singer and bass player; he’s genius.”
– Ed Tudor Pole, July 2010

“The sexiest poets on the stage since I retired.”
– Yanny Mac, September 2010

“Eyeliner, triangle and a double bass have never been funnier!”
– Word of Mouth, September 2010

And a rather lovely review of the both the, ‘Bards Of Bugger All’ CD and the launch night itself by the equally lovely Mr David Quayle – click here

The Antipoet 2018~10th Anniversary Tour

17th Feb: The Queen’s Head, Long Marston.
18th Mar: The Queen’s Head, Long Marston.
13th Apr: The Victory Hall, Long Marston.
20th Apr: The Tramshed, Altringham.
12th & 13th May: The Queen’s Head, Long Marston.
19th May: Rickmansworth Festival
1st Jun: Beer Festival, Northampton.
9th Jun: Stony Live, Stony Stratford.
13th Jun: BOOK LAUNCH, Worcester.
16th Jun: York House, Stony Stratford.
6th Jul: Tiki, Hemel Hempstead.
14th Jul: BOOK LAUNCH, Sara, Bethnal Green.
19th-22nd Jul: Larmer Tree Festival.
29th Jul: Aston Clinton Beer Festival.
12th Aug: Lakefest, Malvern.
23rd Aug: The Horns, Watford.
25th Aug: Julie & Blue’s, Blandford.
26th Aug: Blythe Power Ashes, Tewkesbury.
30th Aug: Ben & Helen’s Wedding, Canterbury.
11th Oct: The Horns, Watford.
13th Oct: Hunter’s Lodge, Hunton Bridge.
14th Oct: The Bank, Amesbury.
19th Oct: The Rose Theatre, Whitehaven.
29th Nov: The Three Cocks, Kettering.
2nd Dec: Pink Bricks, Walsall.
9th Dec: The Queen’s Head, Long Marston.
11th Dec: The Crowns, Stony Stratford.
21st Dec: The Green Man, Granchester.

All other tours and dates can be found in Paul’s book, ‘Does My Bass Look Big In This?’