A live, dramatic reading of a radio play, created specially for the Bardaid Literary Festival 2018

12th & 13th May 2018 – Bardaid Literary Festival, Victory Hall, Long Marston, Herts

Written, Produced & Directed by Paul Eccentric  for RRRANTANORY PRODUCTIONS.

Cecilia Delatori and Athena Kugblenu




A dramatic reading of a radio drama, first broadcast by MyWordRadio in 2012.

6th of March 2015 at The Teabox, Richmond, Surrey.
12th of March 2015 at Coco, Croxley Green, Herts.

Written by Paul Eccentric
Produced & directed by Donna Daniels-Moss for RRRANTANORY PRODUCTIONS.

Vinnie Gibbons; Pippa Chapman; Elliott O’Brart; Beef Grant and Paul Eccentric.

Audience comments:

‘Great evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  Such talent!’~ Kim Smith, Watford.UWF 1
‘Wow!  I loved every minute. You paint with words so beautifully. I left last night wanting more. That’s why I keep coming back.’~ Gilli Austin, Hitchin.
Thank you for some splendid entertainment! A pleasure from start to finish. Congratulations on a superb play! Great to see Vinnie and Pippa in action too!’~ Ray Fox, Hemel Hempstead.




THE SORRY PEOPLE (2008/2009)

First toured in 2008 with full cast and crew, touring London and the home counties before a   two week run at The Edinburgh Fringe in 2009


Written & Directed by Paul EccentricSorry pic

Starring: Michael Redston, Ruth Leah & Pete Curtis
Production Co-ordinator Donna Daniels-Moss
Produced by Ali Robertson
Costume Design: Chris Heywood
Set Construction: Dave Edwards & Donny Donegan
Music written by Paul Eccentric & Beef Grant
Performed & arranged by Beef Grant
Photography by Ian & Kate Newman
Logo & poster design by Paul Solomons
Outro music written by Paul Eccentric & Alistair Ramage
performed by The Odd Eccentric, published by JDMS
from the album ‘Odds & Sods’, DooPop Records 2008
Hair & makeup by Paul Eccentric


‘terrifically structured monologues’ ~Sally Stott, The Scotsman, August 2009.
‘The Director, Paul Eccentric, succeeds in producing a darkly atmospheric work of theatre’ ~Iain McDonald,, August 2009.
‘comical, poignant and shocking’ ~Abena Bailey, The Hemel Gazette, May 2009.
‘an interesting and unique piece of theatre’ ~Kieran Theivam, MyWatford, May 2009.
‘uses humour to provoke thought, internal moral debate and to dampen the impact of the horror’, August 2010.
The Sorry People was then re imagined in 2011 for a second tour with Paul taking all roles himself and presenting the series of monologues in several theatres and venues with 20 performances throughout the year. These featured Jammie Sammy in the role of the narrator.
Written by Paul Eccentric
Produced and Directed by Donna Daniels-Moss
Music written by Paul Eccentric & Beef Grant
Performed & arranged by Beef Grant
Logo & poster design by Paul Solomons
Outro music written by Paul Eccentric & Alistair Ramage,performed by The Odd Eccentric, published by JDMS from the album ‘Odds & Sods’, DooPop Records 2


‘dialogue is witty and effective…using humour to provoke thought. Paul plays all six characters, slipping easily between male and female characters, defining each one discretely by small, but defined changes of voice.
Donna Daniels-Moss directs briskly and effectively, allowing the poetry of the script to accentuate meaning through the spoken word.’ ~Claudia Nettleford for Fringe Report at The London Fringe, August 2010




A satirical musical following the fortunes of the loser of a television talent show as he pulls himself back from the brink and, with the help of the legends of pop history, sets out to find fame and self respect the hard way.

Written and Directed by Paul Eccentric
Produced by Ali Robertson
Musical Direction by Robert Breakwell, Jim Tree-Booker & James Eager

Starring: Adam Hepkin; John Chapman; Riccardo Criscenti; Keith Roome; Doc Wardour; Alison Curry; Marie Nicholas; Patrick Stevens; Johann Hudson-Lett; Carrie Hastings;
Danielle Owens; Steve Joy; Jo Sear; Sarah Allder; Hilz Joshi; Jennifer Good;
Heather Powell; Rod Nicholl and Ian Newman.

Performed at the Collegiate Theatre, Berkhamsted.
All proceeds to The Pepper Foundation


‘A brilliant triumph and well worth catching for a thoroughly entertaining musical experience.’ ~Abena Bailey, Hemel Today, July 2006





Performed at The Centenary Theatre, Berkhamsted, Herts
Written & Directed by Paul Eccentric
Produced by Ali Robertson

Chris Thompson as J J Flash
Pete Curtis as The Narrator
Doc Wardour as Jim Reaper
Ruth Leah as Louise
Danni Owens as Minnie
Riccardo Crescenti as Elvis Presley
Ian Newman as Marc Bolan
Steve Joy as Buddy Holly
Partick Stevens as Morrissey
Alison Curry as Rae

and featured

Keith Roome, Heather Powell, Jennifer Good, Rod Nicholl, Katie Ayres,
Charlotte Stephens, Sarah Pollard, Joanna Griffin, Steph Welchman, Kerie Ivory,
Gloria & Tabitha Daniels Moss, Leanne Foye, Jane Taylor, Faye Spillsbury,
Paul Eccentric, Louise Buchanen & John Chapman as Sgt Pepper
Bill Turnbull & Bill Giles as themselves

Musical Directors: Robert Breakwell, James Eager & Jim Tree-Booker
Musical Arrangements: James Eager & Mark Armstrong
Choreography: James Chambers
Costumes: Chris Heyward
Assistant Director: Donna Daniels Moss

Published by JOKAT 2007 for The Pepper Foundation
‘That Pepper Effect’ raised £35,000 for The Pepper Foundation


‘Eccentric production achieves perfection!’ ~Charlie Trott, The Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette, July 2007