Published by Caffeine Nights books in October 2020.

June 1897, and as part of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, her expanding Empire lays claim to another new territory: The Moon! Space Captain Gordon Periwinkle; the much vaunted Gentleman Adventurer (and amateur taxidermist), becomes the first man to set foot on Earth’s only natural satellite; bravely sacrificing his life on a one way trip into the history books, or so he believes………….

This is the story of the good Captains attempt to get home, dodging an array of government assassins; nefarious foreign agents, and even Jack the bleedin’ Ripper, all the while keeping on step ahead of his backstabbing, overachieving family.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed Captain Periwinkle and his steampunky glee in the absurd, the arcane and the otherworldly’ – Paul Magrs -Doctor Who author and chronicler of the tales of Brenda and Effie.

‘If it’s upright courage, downright skullduggery and laugh-out-loud comedy you’re seeking, then this is the thriller for you. For Steampunk fans everywhere – it’s essential. Splendid!’ – Colin Edmonds – Steampunk writer (Steam, Smoke and Mirrors).

‘Cinematic and breathless in its execution, fast moving, but never one to shirk the rich detail that lies behind every oddball character and contraption to grace its pages, ‘The Giant Step’ is a must for all fans of the genre’. – Mike Butcher – Editor and writer of Red Dwarf Smegazine, Judge Dredd and 2000AD.

‘Jam-packed full of stylishly written japes and characters, occasionally breaks the 4th wall with a knowing wink and astounds you with the details of the perilous adventures of Gordon Periwinkle and Co. Is there a Steampunk trope that has been missed out? I would very much doubt it. I would very much love to read more of these. Please write a sequel! – Donna L. Scott- Editor of Best of British Science Fiction 2016 – 2020

The Periwinkle Perspective – Volume One – The Giant Step

Published by Black Pear Press in 2018. Ten years on the road with The Antipoet. All the highs, lows,  anecdotes, arguments, medical tents and tantrums including the words to all the festival favourites. Book includes a free double live dvd.

Review by Geek Girl  2018

I loved their account of life on the road and reading about some of the strange places they have played in, their battles with promoters to be paid for their performances and their long struggle with getting people to take them seriously as poets.

Sadly, the majority are afraid of what’s different, and The Antipoet are different. Though to me, they are different in a good way, and it is this uniqueness that appeals to me in so many ways. They should be proud of sticking to their guns of who they are and what they stand for; in a world where society expects you to conform, these two guys are like a breath of fresh air.




The Edinburgh Fringe In A Nutshell (2015) Published by Burning Eye Books ISBN 9-781909-136564

A performer’s guide to staying solvent and sane at the world’s biggest arts festival. Also a bloody good read if you’re not!

Insider tips on surviving the festival from those who have been there, done it and have the scars to prove it. A totally unbiased guide to taking a show to The Fringe without being ripped off, side lined or driven mad in one easily referenced and concise handbook. Some great quotes from the good and the great and anecdotes from Fringes past.

Click here for a review of the book launch by John Fleming






Rrrantanory Little Stories (2013) Published by DesertHearts ISBN 978-1-908755-07-0

For those brought up in the Jackanory generation, on bedtime stories and real books, comes this collection of short, cynical and bleakly comedic teatime stories, originally aired on ‘’

‘A secret genius, only the world has to catch up’,-Richard Frost, Scribal Gathering, June 2012





rantanory cd3 front

Rrrantanory CDs Published by RRRANTS Publishing

Series 1 (2011) ISBN 978-0-9555340-9-6/
Series 2  (2012) ISBN 978-0-9572808-2-3
Series 3 (2013) ISBN 978-0-9572808-4-7

‘These collections of Rrrantanory Tales I heard held me spellbound. He has the gift of language’– Lawrence Raw, Radio Drama Review, August 2012



Quaking in Me Stackheels (2010) Published by DesertHearts ISBN 978-1-898948-97-1

A beginners guide to surviving your first public performance. From checking your flies to handling hecklers, an invaluable guide for would-be performers.

‘a must-read for all aspiring singers, poets and comedians, but would be as inspirational for people just looking to improve their personal confidence’ =Nicola Curtis, The Hemel Gazette, July 2010

‘it is aimed at beginners, but is so informative and entertaining that more experienced performers; even those who just have to make the odd speach, can both enjoy and benefit from the read’~ Grella White, Watford Area Arts Forum, October 2010

‘invaluable lessons that will help anybody in any walk of life who would like to gain the self confidence of a shameless performer with thirty years of experience in one easy read’~ Donna Ray, Director of The RRRANTS Collective, August 2010

‘It does exactly what it says on the tin. Easy to grasp and easily put into practice’~ Sp, performance poet. July 2010



The Kult of The Kazoo (2009) Published by RRRANTS Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9555340-3-4

The collected ravings of Paul Eccentric Volume one, featuring the right to reply as exercised by David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown,  Jamie Oliver, HRH Prince Charles, Vernon Coleman and Paddington Bear!




Down Among The Ordinaries (2004) Published by United Press ISBN 1-84436-092-x

Sly Quip is a multi-millionaire, internationally acclaimed, multi award winning rock music demi-god. Or at least he had been until this morning when the bailiffs arrived to relieve him of the last vestiges of his former status.

Not all that long ago his pouting visage had adorned the bedroom ceilings of a whole generation of teenaged knicker wetters, until the hits had dried up and the only place that his face had been welcomed had been the bargain bin at Woolworths.
In desperation he had turned his hand to writing a warts-and-all exposure of the backstage antics of his former bandmates: an egotistical tirade of sex, drugs and perversion, designed to remind his public that, although their various solo forays had proved eminently more successful than his own, it had been on the back of his talent that they had prevailed.

But when the recipients of his smear campaign begin to die in a series of tragic misadventures, the finger of blame is pointed squarely at the bitter, revanchist `has-been’ with the poisoned pen. Somebody has set him up. Somebody has systematically destroyed his career to give him a motive for murder. But who? And why? And how is he ever going to find out if he can’t go anywhere without being hounded for autographs? There is only one thing for it: For Sly Quip to survive, Sly Quip has to die…



Out Of The Frying Pan  (2003)  Published by JOKAT Audio Series One Episodes 1-4  ISBN 978-0-9555340-1-0

A series of four fifteen minute monologues starring Brian Cant and Edward Tudor Pole. Each tells the tale of one man’s attempt to help those around him , with the best of intentions, but the direst of consequences.

The Pedestrians – in which the adage ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is flaunted to disastrous consequences
Everybody’s Friend – in which the art of seeing both sides of the argument is tested to the extremes
Job For Life – in which the extent of philanthropic social conscience is explored in explosive depth
Someone Else Completely – in which the policy of non interference is examined and found wanting.



The Periphrast   (2002) Published by JOKAT Audio  ISBN 978-0-9555340-0-3

An audio book narrated by Den Hegarty

Daniel Vartes is The Periphrast, a laboriously cynical 52-year old with a comical view on life. During the course of his   largely uneventful lifetime, he has been described as tiresome, unexceptional and periphrastic. But all that is going to change.
Learn more about Daniel’s different slant on life from this amusing audio book written by Paul Eccentric and starring Den Hegarty, the madcap bass singer with the 70s chart toppers, Darts, who was once described as “the scariest man in rock ‘n roll”.An hour long audio monologue in ten acts. Starring Den Hegarty, the play follows the demise of sandwich board philosopher Daniel Vartes as he sets out to save the world from the effects of his own nervous breakdown.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Periphrast, Den Hegarty reprised his role in the radio sequel, ‘Daniel Had An Idea’ which was broadcast on MyWord Radio in April 2012.



Lyrical Quibble and Quip (2001) Published by JOKAT Audio  ISBN 978-0-9555340-2-7

An audio poetry anthology, featuring the vocal talents of Richard O’Brien, Geoffrey Palmer, Jenny Funnell  and Ian McCaskill 




Paul has also had his works published in various magazines, newspapers, books and anthologies including:

‘Happiness For Beginners’ by Carole Matthews (2019) Sphere Books ISBN 978-0-7515-7210-0












Published by United Press:

‘Straight From The Heart’  (2000) ISBN 1-902803-53-1
‘In The Eyes Of The Poet’
 (2001) ISBN 1-902803-83-3
‘A Captured Moment’
  (2002) ISBN 1-904169-41-4
(2003) ISBN 1-84436-041-5
‘Dazzled By The Moon’  (2003) ISBN 1-84436-016-4
‘In This Life’  
(2004) ISBN 1-84436-100-4
‘Summer Daze’  
(2004) ISBN 1-84436-136-5
‘Rhyme and Reason 18‘ (2009) Published by Rhyme and Reason ISSN 0965-7754
‘To Be or not To Be’ (2009) Published by Go Create ISBN 978-1-451559-23-1
‘Rrrants 1’ (2009) Published by RRRANTS Publishing ISBN 978-0-9555340-4-1
‘Rhyme and Reason 19‘ (2010) Published by Rhyme and Reason ISSN 0965-7754
‘Rrrants 2’ (2010) Published by RRRANTS Publishing ISBN 978-0-9555340-7-2
‘Poetry Rivals’ (2010) Published by Forward Press ISBN 978-1-84418-543-6
‘Piece of My Heart’ (2010) Published by Forward Press ISBN 978-184418-562-7
‘Reflections from Mirror City‘ (2010) Published by Tongue in Chic Press ISBN 978-0-9560974-1-5
‘Rhyme and Reason 20‘ (2011) Published by Rhyme and Reason ISSN 0965-7754
‘The Big Bardaid Book’ (2011) Published by DesertHearts ISBN 978-1-908755-00-1
‘Wenlock Poetry Festival’ (2012) Published by Ellingham Press ISBN 978-0-9570781-2-3
‘Small Word 2’ (2012) Published by Allographic
‘Do Monkeys Dream of Electric Kettles?’ (2013) Published by MonkeyKettle ISBN 978-1-291-66591-8
‘Rrrants 5th Anniversary cd’ (2014) Published by RRRANTS Publishing
‘Pop Up Anthology 2014’ Published by Demspey and Windle ISBN 978-1-907435-24-9