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Paul Eccentric has been performing Poetry since 1999. He has held workshops across the country, including Ledbury and Wenlock Festivals and has performed at many other festivals including, Glastonbury, Larmer Tree, Brighton, Buxton, Edinburgh and The Hampstead and Highgate Literary Festival.

He performs both as himself and as part of The Antipoet.

He can be contacted for events by email

Published poetry works:

Lyrical Quibble and Quip (2001) Published by JOKAT Audio  ISBN 978-0-9555340-2-7
An audio poetry anthology.

‘The Kult of The Kazoo’ (2009) Published by RRRANTS Publishing ISBN 978-0-9555340-3-4
Book of poetry.

Paul has also had his poetry published in the following anthologies:

‘Straight From The Heart’  (2000) ISBN 1-902803-53-1
‘In The Eyes Of The Poet’ (2001) ISBN 1-902803-83-3
‘A Captured Moment’  (2002) ISBN 1-904169-41-4
‘Impressions’  (2003) ISBN 1-84436-041-5
‘Dazzled By The Moon’  (2003) ISBN 1-84436-016-4
‘In This Life’  (2004) ISBN 1-84436-100-4
‘Summer Daze’  (2004) ISBN 1-84436-136-5
‘Rhyme and Reason 18 (2009) Published by Rhyme and Reason ISSN 0965-7754
‘To Be or not To Be’ (2009) Published by Go Create ISBN 978-1-451559-23-1
‘Rrrants 1′ (2009) Published by RRRANTS Publishing ISBN 978-0-9555340-4-1
‘Rhyme and Reason 19‘ (2010) Published by Rhyme and Reason ISSN 0965-7754
‘Rrrants 2′ (2010) Published by RRRANTS Publishing ISBN 978-0-9555340-7-2
‘Poetry Rivals’ (2010) Published by Forward Press ISBN 978-1-84418-543-6
‘Piece of My Heart’ (2010) Published by Forward Press ISBN 978-184418-562-7
‘Reflections from Mirror City (2010) Published by Tongue in Chic Press ISBN 978-0-9560974-1-5
‘The Big Bardaid Book’ (2011) Published by DesertHearts ISBN 978-1-908755-00-1
‘Wenlock Poetry Festival’ (2012) Published by Ellingham Press ISBN 978-0-9570781-2-3
‘Pop Up Anthology 2014′ Published by Demspey and Windle ISBN 978-1-907435-24-9
‘Happiness For Beginners’ 2019 Published by Sphere Books ISBN 978-0-7515-7210-0


Paul’s poetry can also be found in the archives of The Daily Mail as well as various newspapers and magazines.