toephotoTOE were:
Paul Eccentric: voice
Tom Dussek: keyboards
Mark Gordon: drums
Colin Farrow: guitar
TOE rose from the ashes of The Odd Eccentric and were intended as an ‘Odds-lite’ continuation; (fewer musicians meaning fewer egos to appease). The songs were written and recorded by Paul and Tom and released by JOKAT as an album and an EP: ‘Any Tart Can Break Your Heart’ and ‘Sharks & Scary Girlfriends’, respectively. (Both now deleted.)


pic_sly_quip_006SLY QUIP & THE QUICKWITS

(1996- now)

Paul Eccentric: voice; trumpet
Beef Grant: piano
Ian Newman: bass
Chris Gradon: drums
Louisa Crescenti: sax
Steve Joy: trumpet.
Jazz with a poetic twist.pic_sly_quip_003

All songs are written by Paul and Beef. A more laid back venture that rears its head every once in a while. Their only releases have been as theme and incidental music behind Paul and Beef’s various radio productions such as ‘The Periphrast’; ‘The Vegetarian Option’; ‘The Immortal Henri Blutoe’ and four series of ‘Rrrantanory Little Stories’.
A session of original songs was recorded at The BBC’s Maida Vale Studios in 2007, but remains unexploited.

were formed in 1996 by Paul and Beef Grant, who had been performing ‘children’s television theme’ covers under the banner of: ‘The Paul Eccentric Jazz Ensemble’ since the late eighties with a mishmash of guest musicians.
In ’95 they began writing and performing as ‘Sly Quip’~ a character that would later come to life in Paul’s novel ‘Down Among The Ordinaries’.
The band regularly appeared live throughout the late nineties at such venues as London’s ‘100 Club’ until 2006.
The lineup includes Paul on vocals and trumpet with Beef on piano; Chris Gradon: drums; Ingo Steinweg: bass (later replaced by Ian Newman); Louisa Crescenti: sax and latterly Steve Joy on trumpet.
They may have stopped performing as regularly, but do still pop up most years for a day out.
Although they have recorded most of their material, none of it has yet been made commercially available. One day..




Featuring a revolting line-up of ex-Odds, Jelly Fiends and whoever else is available when somebody is desperate enough to book them, SLOB do exactly what it says on the label. Watford’s worst punk covers band has, for the last 15 years, featured Paul on shouting and falling over, alongside Simon Hart and Andy Furr of the Jellys. Thankfully no recordings are currently available


Cajun swing allstars occasional outfit featuring Paul on vocals with Lizzie Scott and Bobby Valentino. Last performed at the 100 Club in July 2000. No commercial recordings are available