Have yourself a Merry……………….

And a Christmas message from Paul. Have a good one people!



Adverts, adverts, adverts,
but for nothing I want to buy:
all arthouse wank and cryptic;
fuckin’ Christmas must be nigh…
‘We’ve spent the equivalent of a high scoring Scrabble-named country that you couldn’t point to on a map’s annual GDP on a television ad’ campaign designed to ensure that you know exactly which high performance car to stuff into your loved one’s stocking this Christmas and which minuscule application of coloured water in a collectible bottle/box combo (that cost more to manufacture than the pissy liquid inside it did) to douse him/her with in order to ensure that they smell like the toxic runoff from a reservoir polluting multinational chemical plant and not like a human being.’
Adverts, fuckin’ adverts:
yes please, I’ll have four. Does it come in puce and smell of piss?
Merry fuckin’ Christmas x